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The donations collected go support the work of  La Fondation l’Hymne aux Enfants.

The Foundation was created in 1995 in Switzerland to help Burkinese children and adolescents who suffered from the illness Noma. Noma is a form of rapid gangrene, resulting in deep mutilation of the face.

In 1997, the Foundation opened its first foster home in Ouahigouya.

From 1999, it expanded its action to help children with serious illnesses, including cancer.

The aid programmes implemented by the Foundation revolve round four themes : 

  1. Prevention: Awareness programme to sensitive the population to recognize Noma and encourage its early detection.
  2. Care: free access to care for children affected by severe pathologies such as the Noma disease, pediatric cancers, congenital malformations of the face, etc.
  3. Support: medium and long term socio-medico monitoring of children; monitoring can be done internally (boarding at the Koamba Zaka Centre, Ouagadougou) or externally (within the family); all receive schooling or vocational training.
  4. Fight against poverty: sustainable improvement of the economic and living conditions of families through micro projects targeting the family or villages.

Today, La Fondation l’Hymne aux Enfants activities are spread over two sites: 

  • A residential internship programme at Saaba for children and adolescents. All residents attend school or undertake vocational training to enable them, in addition to being treated, to have the possibility of integration into working life.
  • At Ouagadougou, an administrative office, a trainees’ residence and a nursing home.

The Foundation has plans to build a new health centre in Ouagadougou so that all the Foundation’s activities are on a single site. This has several objectives:

  • Improved Organization
  • Greater visibility of the work of the Foundation
  • Economies of scale
  • Encourage and sustain local commitment for public health